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Flower Printing PPGI / Special Pattern Coated Steel Sheet Coil

Flower Printing PPGI

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Flower Printing PPGI / Special Pattern Coated Steel Sheet Coil For Building
steel coil, also known as coiled steel.The steel is hot-pressed and cold-pressed into rolls. In order to facilitate storage and transportation, various processing (such as processing into steel plates, steel belts,etc.) 20tons/color&size

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PPGl steel coil / PPGL Steel Coil /Color coated steel coil sheet /
Galvanized steel is steel that has gone through a chemical process to keep it from corroding.The steel gets coated in layers of zinc oxide because this protective metal does not get rusty as easily.The coating also gives the steel a more durable ,hard to scratch finish that many people find attractive.For countless outdoor,marine,or industrial
applications, galvanized steel is an essential fabrication component.


Excellent weather resistant ,high gloss retention ,good color stability ,small color variation

Good corrosion resistance.fine and uniform combination ,not easy to be eroded in to the interior by corrosive gas or liquid

lt has good ductility and can not be easily damaged in all kind of bending ,hand ling and impact .


Because steel coil products have high strength, good toughness, and a wide variety of steel specifications, they have a wide range of uses, from general engineering structures to the manufacture of automobiles, bridges, ships, boilers and pressure vessels,etc., are widely used. Various applications have different requirements on the material
performance, surface quality, size, and shape accuracy of the steel plate.Therefore, it is necessary to understand the types, materials, characteristics and uses of steel coil products in order to achieve economic and reasonable utilization.


Product name PPGI/PPGL coils
Base sheet Galvanized( Zinc coating )
Thickness range 0.20- 1.00 mm
Width range 900- 1250 mm
Coil weight 3 MT-10 MT
Mass of coating 40 g/m’-275 g/m2
Painting standard Primers: Epoxy,PU
Top Coating 15 pm – 30 pm
Back Coating 7-10 pm
Colors As Per RAL Chart/Customer requirements.
Packing Seaworthy

Packing &Delivery Packing

One layer of Mildew paper and one layer of moisture-proof kraft paper to protect the steel coils.
One 3.5cm thick kraft paper loops inside,and connected with mildew paper and of moisture-proof kaft paper to make sure the steel coils are well protected.
Then again one layer of steel sheet on the surface and tighten with steel strips.
When loading,we put mildew proof bags in the container.

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